7 Laser Engraving Applications in Sporting Goods

TYKMA Electrox laser marking systems are able to mark on a variety of products across all industries. The sporting goods industry is one that reaches many people with the wide number of products in the world today!

Laser engraving sporting goods is a way to customize and personalize your products in a cool way. Check out these seven laser marking sporting goods opportunities!

1. Golf Clubs

For both professional and amateur golfers, engraving your golf clubs can be something to set you apart from your competitors. Show up on the green with a 9-iron that has your initials! Impress your golf buddies with your name, or use an engraved golf club for the perfect gift.

2. Firearms

A popular way to laser mark sporting goods is for use on firearms. There are many different ways to engrave your firearms to give them extra flair, which include:

  • Logos – If there is a logo that means something to you, laser marking it onto your firearm is ideal for showcasing that special meaning.
  • Graphics – Looking to make your firearm stand out? Laser engraving your firearm with an interesting image is the perfect way!
  • Name – To personalize and make your firearm truly your own, mark it with your name or initials. This is also a perfect option for a gift for a loved one!
  • Personalized messages – Have a quote, slogan, or motto that is important to you? Mark it on your firearm with a laser engraver to make it stand out.

3. Trophies

Have an award to give out and need to engrave it with something special? If you laser mark your trophy, you can customize your award to say anything you want. No more generic “first place” trophies! Add what you’d like and even mention the recipient too.

4. Footballs

Another way to laser marking sporting goods is doing so on your footballs. Know a coach who’s done an incredible job this season? Have a relative that loves the game? Leave a personalized message on the football to give the pigskin some extra meaning.

5. Basketballs

Along with footballs, laser marking your basketball is another great application. If you have a player who has made an outstanding accomplishment, mark that ball with their total points or wins in the year.

A laser marked basketball is a great award to receive for certain titles, too! Whether it’s a championship, division win, or even just a notable score over a tough competitor, engrave it on the basketball!

6. Baseball Bats

A great gift for a baseball lover is personalizing their bat through laser engraving. Customize it with their name, an accomplishment, or even just the team they play on. Engraving a baseball bat is a sure way to provide more meaning to their favorite sport!

7. Yoga Mats

For any yoga lover, you likely use the same mat each time you go into the studio. Why not personalize it and make it more meaningful? You can laser mark your mat with your name, a quote/motto, or anything that makes you feel peaceful just like the practice.

Learn More About Our Laser Engraving Sporting Goods Applications

At TYKMA Electrox, we are versatile with our laser marking systems. We work with many different machines that can engrave on any material. This makes laser marking sporting goods that much easier!

We have 24/7 365 support services that can help meet your needs! To learn more about our laser marking products and applications, be sure to contact us today. We look forward to helping you find the right system for laser marking sporting goods.

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