How Laser Systems Are Making Their Mark on the Entertainment Industry

Did you know that lasers have a place in the entertainment industry? From personalizing guitar picks to engraving name plates on Oscars, there are various cool ways lasers enhance the industry.

Check out these ways that lasers are making their presence known in the entertainment world!



The music industry is one of the largest facets of the entertainment industry that has taken advantage of all the great things laser marking can do. From laser etched guitars for rock stars to custom engraved merchandise for fans, there are many ways the music industry has utilized laser marking to great success.


Looking to make your guitar or other instruments one of a kind, or want to get someone a personalized gift they’ll never forget? Why not try laser engraving? You’ll have the ability to mark a variety of instruments based off of their materials, with a few notable items including:

  • Guitars
  • Guitar picks
  • Instrument cases
  • Drum sticks

Artist Merchandise

As uniqueness and customization continues to make headway into retail, artists have also dug into the laser industry by having engraved and etched merchandise produced so that their products stand out for fans.

Bands and artists of all genres can use laser engraved items to give a luxurious spin on their items. For example, Mumford & Sons offers this engraved keyring, John Mayer has sold engraved jewelry in the past, and AC/DC even has this awesome laser engraved cutting board.


We recently wrote a blog post about how laser engraving is helping to create a new era for the vinyl record sector. To sum it up, back in 2016, a company out of Australia, Rebeat, recieved a patent for a new, unique way to create vinyl records by using laser engraving. And now in 2019, due to recent funding, they hope to have the laser engraved records on the market sometime this year!

What’s great about laser marking records compared to traditional methods for record production is that they are said to have better sound quality, produce more amplitude, and last a longer playing time. So be on the lookout for laser marked vinyl in the upcoming months!


While not an aspect of laser marking, lasers in general can also take on a different role for the music industry by being a part of the experience of concerts! With the variety of fun and entertaining visuals they can create, laser shows have pushed many artists’ and bands’ shows to the next level.

And while many would think laser shows would only be used for rock and party music, they also have been taken advantage of by those working in other genres of music. Check out this laser light show set to the soundtrack of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.


Similar to the music world, lasers have a presence in Hollywood. Here are a few ways lasers have been used in this part of the entertainment industry.


Did you know that some of the most notable awards in the entertainment industry are laser engraved? The Grammys, The Oscars, and many more of your favorite ceremonies are filled with celebrities flaunting their custom, engraved awards.

With the precision and speed that laser marking provides due to advanced software, it makes sense that trophy makers would choose this marking option to complete their projects.

Movie Posters

Are you a movie buff and want to add to your collection of movie posters with something unique? Spacewolf, an amazing woodworking artist, laser engraves movie posters!

From The Avengers to Star Wars to classics like Frankenstein and more, he has a great selection of movie posters from films of all genres that can fit anyone’s taste.

Movie Theaters

In recent years, with the goal of being groundbreakers in the industry, IMAX has introduced “IMAX with Laser,” which utilizes laser projection. They use a 4K laser projection system to provide customers with better images, higher resolution, better contrast, and enhanced colors than any other projection type out there. You can learn more about the IMAX laser experience by checking out Digital Trend’s article from 2018!

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About Our Laser Marking Capabilities and Applications

With such a diverse range of options and impressive flexibility, our laser marking machines can be utilized across many different sectors to meet their unique needs.


Our lasers have the ability to etch and engrave on a variety of key materials used in manufacturing, such as:

  • Aluminum
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Black oxide
  • Brass
  • Carbide
  • Coated materials
  • Copper
  • Painted materials
  • PCD
  • Plastics
  • Plated nickel
  • Stainless steel
  • Steel
  • Synthetics
  • Titanium


Besides the entertainment field, we are also well versed in helping the following industries perform custom laser marking, engraving, and etching:


Get to Know TYKMA Electrox

We’ve been a notable company in the laser marketing industry for years, creating versatile laser engraving systems for all types of businesses. We have an adaptive line of systems, meaning we know you will be able to find the perfect unit for your company’s marking needs.

What Makes Our Laser Systems Different?

Alongside their cutting-edge and compact design, our laser marking systems feature:

  • Marking abilities even on the most difficult applications
  • Air-cooling
  • A maintenance-free design
  • Life span over 100,000 hours
  • Guaranteed 3-year warranty
  • MOPA fiber lasers with power ranging from 10 to 70 watts
  • Easy set up without required calibrations

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