How Small Medical Device Manufacturers Will Benefit from a LaserGear System

Part traceability, serial numbers, and branding are all essential for a variety of industries, but the medical field, with its understandably stringent guidelines, stands out from many others.

If you produce small medical devices and tools for the medical sector, incorporating an efficient laser marking and engraving system into your operations can deliver a range of benefits. Let’s take a look at all you can expect from a LaserGear system from TYKMA Electrox.

The Advantages of a LaserGear System for Medical Products

One of the chief reasons why a laser marking system is so beneficial to the production of medical equipment is because of the advent of UDI requirements by the FDA and European Commission for certain types of equipment and packaging.

Since UDIs, or unique device identifications, require machine-readable code (2D or linear barcode) for aspects such as device identifiers, GS1 Global Trade Item Numbers, and more, having a reliable system to ensure precision and full readability for your clients and their customers and patients is essential.

And even if the parts that you produce for your medical clients don’t regularly need such identifiers, several other benefits brought about from marking and engraving include:

  • Ability to Replace a Part – If a piece of equipment were to become faulty at some point or require a new component, a marked part would allow a medical professional to place a new order easily from the manufacturer.
  • Ability to Effectively Manage Inventory – Since medical facilities want to effectively keep track of and replace inventory when necessary, reliable markings greatly benefit these efforts.

Along everything laser marking can offer medical facilities, manufacturers of small medical devices can greatly benefit as well from the process. When you acquire one of our LaserGear systems, you’ll appreciate:

  • The Compact Size – All of our entry-level LaserGear units are benchtop or integration units by design. You won’t need to worry about finding space in your facility because all of our systems have only a small footprint.
  • Reduced Cost – Our entry-level laser engravers are very economical, especially considering that they are maintenance free, feature support from our dedicated laser experts, and have an 18-month warranty. All of this helps ensure you’ll be able to keep efficiently marking for years to come.
  • Increased Speed – All of our laser systems provide markings and engravings quickly and efficiently, but our QUBE20W and QUBE60W units are both integration lasers, meaning you can easily incorporate them into your manufacturing process to keep everything running smoothly.
  • Cylindrical Marking – If any of the parts that you produce and process are round, cylindrical, or spherical, you can utilize our MR65 rotary axis for 360° radial laser marking.

And on top of all these benefits, laser marking outshines many other marking methods, supplying a great value for your investment.

  • Compared to Dot Peen Marking – Laser marking systems are able to produce precise and readable markings and engravings, which is a problem for their dot peen counterparts due to the indents and peaks of dot peen marks being hard to decipher in some lights. Also, dot peen systems require regular maintenance and replacement of styluses, something maintenance-free laser systems do not encounter.
  • Compared to Inkjet Marking – The biggest problem with inkjet marking is that the quality of the marks is significantly inferior in comparison to laser marking. Along with this though, the process is slower and also necessitates consumable inks, meaning a lot of ongoing expenses you don’t have to deal within laser marking.
  • Compared to Electrochemical Marking – The major problem with electrochemical markings that it can only be used on conductive materials, unlike laser marking which can facilitate marking on an array of coatings and materials. Electrochemical marking also requires a lot of consumables such as the chemicals used, the stampings, and the filtration systems – all ongoing and added costs not found with laser marking.

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As you can see, laser marking systems can be greatly beneficial to those in the medical device manufacturing sector. For more information on LaserGear products from TYKMA Electrox, be sure to peruse our website and contact our team with any questions. We’ll be glad to help!

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