Laser Marking Paint Applications

One of the most important aspects of a TYKMA Electrox laser marking system is its versatility. Not only can it perform marking, engraving, and etching for clients, it can do so on a wide range of materials.

Each one of our laser marking machines has the ability to mark a variety of surfaces and substrates, including painted materials. With its laser engraving paint capabilities, a TYKMA Electrox system is vital for any companies working with products that feature painted or coated materials.


How Do Our Lasers Engrave Paint?


Our marking systems are capable of many different processes, but one of the vital processes for working with painted materials is something called ablation.


What Is Ablation?


Ablating is a process that creates a mark by removing the surface-coated layer of a material (e.g., burning the anodized layer off of aluminum). This usually results in a bright or white-colored mark when contrasted with the coating. The mark is relatively smooth with minimum surface penetration. Ablating also covers the engraving of anodized, black oxide and other coated materials.

Because ablating removes the surface-coated layer on a product, this is particularly suited for items that feature a painted coating. Products from electronics equipment to tooling to kitchenware to toys and everything in between can gain the benefits of laser marking paint by way of the ablation process.


Find the Right Laser System for Your Company


TYKMA Electrox offers a variety of efficient laser systems that fulfill all types of needs across numerous industries. Whether you need a system for laser marking, laser engraving, or laser etching paint, our reliable systems can provide.

Your company’s specific needs will dictate which system will be best for your operations, but all of our units come equipped with industry-leading features, such as:


  • High-powered and energy-efficient MOPA fiber lasers engines
  • Air-cooled, solid state and maintenance-free designs with easy-to-use controls
  • Long-term reliability and advanced capabilities


Best yet, fiber lasers are up to ten times more efficient than the traditional YAG laser system, as fiber laser technology utilizes low-power components and little to no energy in standby mode.


Other Laser Engraving Paint Methods and More


Along with laser engraving and laser marking paint, recent innovations have brought about laser-sensitive pigments and granules that are being explored by the packaging industry.

Through this methodology, companies would be able to mark on top of a surface—over the pigments or granules—and produce a color-changed mark. In essence, it sort of works in reverse to laser engraving paint, as nothing is removed, material is placed on top.

Another way that companies can incorporate color into their products during the laser marking process is by directly marking on the material by way of color laser engraving. Color laser engraving is particularly suited for metals and is applicable for steel, stainless steel, titanium, chrome, and other surfaces.

Take a look at our video below to see one of our laser etching systems in action producing vibrant colors on a product!

Learn More About Our Systems for Laser Etching Paint


Painted materials require a specific type of process for marking, and TYKMA Electrox’s laser systems are capable of performing that process at the highest quality. No matter what type of painted application you have, our machines get the job done with power and unparalleled precision.

And with 24/7/365 support services backing up our products, you are guaranteed to have our reliable marking equipment for many years down the road. To learn more about our systems for laser engraving paint, be sure to contact TYKMA Electrox today.

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