LaserGear Provides the Best Systems for Laser Engraving Pet Tags and Other Items

If you make products for pets, from custom collars and tags to doghouses and cat jungles, you know the importance of custom pieces unique for every pet. Being able to incorporate key information onto tags is critical to each pet’s safety, but engraving is also an opportunity to showcase a pet’s personality.


With your own laser marking system you can produce personalized laser engraved pet tags and other items of your own, giving your customers a great service.

Laser Marking for Furry Friends

Many companies and hobbyists are incorporating engraving systems into their operations, with both the cost-effectiveness and quick turnaround of laser marking being major advantages. Several ways your pet store or manufacturing facility can use a laser engraver include in customizations for:

  • Dog and cat tags
  • Dog and cat collars
  • Dog leashes
  • Feeding bowls
  • Dog houses

Through investing in your own laser engraver, both you and the business will benefit due to endless creative opportunities, precision in your work, and knowledge of your product.

Personalized Pet Tag Laser Engravers

Our products are designed with the needs of small business owners and mass production warehouses in mind. From engraving plastic surfaces for dog house customization to incorporating your pup’s name and address onto a tag, laser marking systems deliver a reliable source for marking and engraving at an economical investment.

Materials that are ideal for laser our engraving and marking systems include:

Laser Engraving for Mass-Produced Customized Pet Tags

Laser engraved dog tags can be a perfect product for a local pet store, or for operations that mass product goods. If you oversee larger quantity production, we recommend considering the LaserGear QUBE20W or LaserGear QUBE60W for your company’s assembly line.

System features of our QUBE20W desktop laser engraving machine include:

  • Class 4 integration style laser marking system
  • Compact design with enclosed controls
  • 20W or 60W MOPA fiber laser
  • I/O automated system control
  • 8 selectable pulse durations for the QUBE60W

These laser engraving systems are perfect for mass production because Class 4 units are used for tool post or integration applications, making them well suited for manufacturing. The smaller size and the ability to fit them at almost any workstation makes these units hard to beat. The LaserGear QUBE20W and QUBE60W systems are top of the line for large quantity personalized dog tags.

Laser Engraved Pet Tags at Your Small Business

At TYKMA Electrox, we know that there is a need for laser engraving systems best used by hobbyists and small business owners. Our LaserGear BOQX is most ideal for marking personalized dog tags on a smaller scale, especially for local shops and dog treat bakeries.

  • Class 1 safe desktop enclosure
  • Front sliding vertical door
  • Easy access front operator controls
  • 20W MOPA fiber laser
  • 18-month warranty 

Need to Get Started with Personalized Pet Tags? Reach Out to Our Team Today!

If you’ve decided on what laser engraving machine is best for your shop or small business, be sure to reach out to our team today! And if you have any questions, we would be happy to help find the right laser engraver for your laser etched dog tags.

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