The Best Laser Marking Machine for the Everyday Carry Industry

Everyday carry, or EDC, has really taken off in recent years, with some considering it a trend, others a lifestyle, and some crafting an industry around it or expanding their operations to accommodate it.

For this post, we’ll examine everything that goes into everyday carry, how laser marking and engraving can play a role, and why LaserGear systems from TYKMA Electrox are ideal for both hobbyists and companies interested in EDC.

What Is Everyday Carry?

Everyday carry is a grouping of the items one uses on a regular basis, or could potentially need in case of an emergency, which are carried on the person or within a bag. Thus, anything that a person keeps with them from day to day could be classified as everyday carry items, though there are a number of prominent items often discussed within the culture:

  • Keys
  • Phones
  • Pocket knives
  • Watches
  • Glasses and sunglasses
  • Pens
  • Tools and multitools
  • Water bottles
  • Flashlights
  • Compasses

Obviously, many of these items are objects that people carry around out of necessity without consciously choosing to as part of everyday carry. But for those in the everyday carry culture, many items are specifically selected and modified to the user’s desires.

For instance, the everyday carry culture overlaps somewhat with survivalist culture, with those interested in preparedness keeping objects such as multitools, flashlights, knives, and other items on their person in case the worst were to strike without warning.

So the everyday carry movement incorporates aspects of utility, preparedness, and convenience. And since there are so many items that can be part of everyday carry, and virtually limitless modifications for each, it’s no surprise that with its visual appeal everyday carry has become a popular trending topic on Instagram.

Using Laser Marking Machines for Everyday Carry

Since so many of the items that people keep on themselves as part of everyday carry are personal in nature, their owners often feel a strong connection to them. Whether the item in question is a treasured family keepsake or merely a tried and trusty tool, there’s a good chance the owner will want to augment or personalize it in some way.

This is where using laser marking machines for everyday carry items comes in. Laser marking and engraving units, like our efficient LaserGear systems, are able to mark and engrave on diverse materials so users can incorporate things like the following on their items:

  • Initials
  • Names
  • Brands
  • Logos
  • Graphics and designs
  • Personal messages
  • Signatures
  • Quotes

To achieve these personalization options, people could utilize laser engraving machines for everyday carry items either within their hobbyist shop or with the assistance of a manufacturer or engraver. Our LaserGear systems are ideally suited for both possibilities.

When we crafted the LaserGear line as an offshoot of our TYKMA Electrox systems, we designed it to be a line of entry-level laser marking systems with hobbyists and small businesses in mind. Let’s take a look at everything our systems can provide.

The Benefits of LaserGear for Everyday Carry

Through the LaserGear line, we currently offer three premium laser engraving systems. These systems supply numerous key features that can boost an operation’s output and efficiency.

  • BOQX 20W – This Class 1 desktop laser engraving system features a 20W MOPA fiber laser, power focus adjustment, a built-in focus finder, and simple USB connection.
  • QUBE 20W – This Class 4 laser engraving system is ideal for tool post use or for integration within a production process. Features include a 20W MOPA fiber laser, a compact head design and controls enclosure, an I/O for automated system control, and more.
  • QUBE 60W – This Class 4 laser engraving system is also ideal for tool post use or for integration within a production process. Along with the features of the QUBE 20W, this system features a more powerful 60W MOPA fiber laser and selectable pulse durations for advanced marking functionality.

All of our systems utilize our premium Minilase Pro SE programming software, which allows operators to quickly create marking files for any need and utilizes a user-friendly interface.

Customers can also select from a variety of accessories to optimize their everyday carry laser marking. These accessories include:

  • Rotaries
  • Handheld touchscreen pendants
  • Tool posts

To go along with all of these great benefits to working with LaserGear, we also provide training and support, with a 24/7 emergency support phone line. And all of our products feature an 18-month warranty with a complete replacement policy. So if you’re new to laser marking or engraving, know that you’re in good hands with LaserGear!

We additionally regularly update our news section, supplying our customers with essential laser marking and engraving insights. Here are a few recent posts to check out:

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