TYKMA Electrox Provides Systems for Production Line Laser Marking

At TYKMA Electrox, we supply efficient, cutting-edge laser marking systems for a wide range of industries and hobbyists. Many of these customers utilize production lines as part of their regular operations, and our systems are ideally suited to integrate directly into these lines, or to be used at a workstation as a production stage.

Read on to learn more about our production line laser marker systems and everything they can provide for your facility.

About Our Production Line Laser Engravers

When you purchase a laser marking system from TYKMA Electrox, you receive equipment of superior craftsmanship and quality along with service and support to match. Some of the many advantages to our laser markers for production lines include:

  • Powerful MOPA fiber laser technology
  • Air-cooled and maintenance-free designs
  • Up to 100,000-hour lifespans
  • User-friendly software
  • No alignments or calibrations required
  • No lamps and no water cooling
  • Compact machine footprints
  • Ergonomic designs
  • 3-year or 18-month warranties
  • An array of accessories

Best of all, when you choose TYKMA Electrox for production line laser marking systems, we treat you as a customer for life. Our support services are comprehensive and designed to ensure you stay up and running. We offer:

As you can see, working with TYKMA Electrox will give you much more than equipment – you get a team dedicated to your success.

Production Line Laser Engraving Options

When it comes to our production line laser marker systems, we can supply a wide range of units with diverse functionalities to best fit the needs of your facility space, your way of doing business, and your products’ needs.

Integration Lasers

Our integration lasers can be easily incorporated into your existing production lines as part of Class 4 operation:

  • LaserGear QUBE20W – Our 20-watt unit, able to be integrated into lines for unattended or turnkey applications
  • LaserGear QUBE60W – Our 60-watt unit, which features 8 selectable pulse durations
  • Vereo – Our OEM integration fiber laser ideal for high-speed marking
  • Vereo Smart – Our 50-watt unit which features an embedded web interface to control and monitor the unit from nearly any device on the network
  • Vereo 3D – Our 3-axis laser system which allows for 3D laser contour marking and 3D laser engraving
  • Vereo UV Integration Laser – Our UV laser system is ideal for marking when control and reduction of heat applied is necessary for quality engravings
  • Scorpion Integration Laser – Our high-precision and standalone unit also allows for networking remotely

Benchtop and Tabletop Systems

Another option for production line laser engraving is to house the unit at a workstation for easy operator access, and we supply numerous systems perfect for just that.

  • LaserGear BOQX – One of our Class 1 benchtop units and part of our entry-level line
  • Minilase Manual – Designed for simplicity and ease of use, our Minilase Manual can be up and running in no time and features a T-slot tool plate and a focus finder system
  • Minilase XL – With a larger workstation and an open interior, operators receive maximum flexibility with this unit
  • Zetalase – The larger size of this unit means you will be able to mark parts large or small, light or heavy

Freestanding Systems

Lastly, facilities can choose to utilize a freestanding laser marker for their production line, with the unit as its own workstation.

  • Zetalase XL – The expansive work area and full-size rotary device for 360° radial part marking gives this system some real flexibility
  • Zetalase XL 3D – The 3-axis design of this system allows for 3D laser contour marking and 3D laser engraving
  • Zetalase XLT – This system houses a continuous marking field up to 24” x 24” while maintaining a small beam diameter with high energy output
  • Zetalase Duo Dial Index – Designed for high-volume marking, this system allows operators to load and unload parts while others are being marked
  • Custom Laser Marking Systems – Need a production line laser marking system with specific requirements? We can supply a range of custom options

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