A Look Inside a Laser and Photonics Industry Hot Spot

The Center for Research and Education in Optics and Lasers (CREOL) at the University of Central Florida has been one of the top optics, photonics and research centers in the world since 1987. Each year, CREOL graduates many engineers and scientists who work on optics, lasers, photonics and related applications. According to a report from the Florida Photonics Center, Central Florida is one of the world’s laser and photonics industry hot spots, with more than 270 companies in the photonics industry, thousands of optics and laser professionals and over $7.2 billion in annual sales.*

In 1983, we invested in the optics and laser market as a software and laser system manufacturer. Any industrial company that deals with a metal, plastic, glass, semiconductor, organic or coated material can potentially use lasers to solve its manufacturing problems. We have a world-class Applications Laboratory that can diagnose an issue, provide processed samples and deliver a laser-based system or machine that creates a higher-quality product for the customer and boosts productivity.

We also serve industries such as medical, aerospace, electronics, pharmaceutical, medical, defense, automotive, industrial and robotics. Whether you need a marking, drilling cutting, degating, annealing or welding application, we have decades of experience and the talent to provide your business with Laser-Focused Engineering™. Our approach leverages software, mechanical, electrical, control design and manufacturing to deliver solutions that range in scale from a basic laser process to a complex laser system that includes machine vision, automation and validation.

CMS Laser is a member of the CREOL Industrial Affiliates (IA) program and has had strong ties with CREOL for many years. CREOL collaborates with its IAs in conducting research as well as growing the optics and photonics industry and Florida-based businesses.

Today, we’re part of the 600 Group PLC, a world-class diversified engineering group. As more engineers graduate from UCF’s CREOL program to CMS Laser, and more collaborations between the two organizations develop, the bond will strengthen and a greater diversity of talent will serve the laser industry. The 600 Group PLC is expanding CMS Laser and our other laser division, TYKMA/ELECTROX, to create one of the world’s largest industrial laser manufacturers.

*2009 Report on Florida’s Photonics Cluster

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