Checkering Wooden Gun Stocks with Laser Engraving Technology

Laser engraving in the firearms industry has been around for decades to identify and track components, such as lower receivers and ammunition. Today, applications can range from simple serial number engravings to full artistic designs covering gun rails, magazines, and rifle stocks. These markings are typically done using a fiber laser. Fiber lasers are the preferred wavelength for marking metals and most plastics, but what about checkering wood stocks?

Laser Engraving Wooden Grips

CO2 lasers are the best choice for engraving wood due to the absorption properties of wood at the 10,060nm wavelength. This allows the material to be vaporized cleanly and effectively. Checkering wood is a common process used for adding a textured grip to a rifle stock. This process is traditionally done by hand using specialized chisels for creating the peaks and valleys of a checkering pattern. These chisels degrade over time and require a skilled hand to create. Big brands are turning to laser technology, a computer-controlled process that is repeatable, and offers the best precision and quality that manufacturers desire.

CMS Laser was recently approached to reproduce this process using laser technology and the results are awesome.

Having done this type of application in the past, our engineers developed a suitable setup in our applications lab to engrave along the curved surfaces of a rifle stock using one of our CO2 lasers. Like with any project we take on, it starts in our applications lab. The impression in the molding clay below shows the depth of each diamond and the quality of the side walls.

Here are some more examples of our laser checkering capabilities:

Automated Engraving Solutions

CMS Laser has the capacity to develop a custom turnkey laser engraving system for any application. Our team of dedicated engineers will design, build, and thoroughly test a system to meet or exceed your manufacturing goals while maximizing your ROI. Our in-house software developers can incorporate database connections for serialization or add custom operator view screens for simplicity. Every system is backed by 24/7 service and support, so you’ll have the peace of mind knowing there is a skilled team of dedicated professionals a phone call away.

Contact us today to learn more about our solutions for the firearms industry.

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