Control Micro Systems Expands Laser Applications in Medical Field

Applications for marking and cutting lasers expand in the manufacture of both endoscopic devices and catheters

Manufacturers of endoscopic guidewire devices frequently are required to mark brand/model information as well as measurement scales down the length of their products. They must be permanently marked without additives such as dyes or inks. Ytterbium fiber (1,064nm), frequency-doubled Nd:YVO4 (532nm) and frequency-tripled Nd:YVO4 (355nm UV) lasers have excelled in marking both LDPE and HDPE materials. The results are sharp, durable and represent a cost savings compared to inkjet or pad printing processes.

A high power Ytterbium fiber laser has been employed to terminate and seal braided 304 and 316 stainless guide wire that is pulled from a reel and cut to length. The laser not only cuts through the braided steel, but welds the individual strands together to prevent unraveling and creates a semispherical tip on each end.

For latex catheter manufacturers, the eyelets at the catheter ends can be quickly cut with little to no debris or remelt material. The latex in the eye can be ablated using a CO2 (10,640nm) laser with high speed galvanometer beam delivery to completely remove all material in under a second. CMS provides the complete laser solution including laser, optics, robots, programmable stages and other automation, and vision systems for part detection and/or process results verification.

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