Make Your Business More Sustainable with a TYKMA Electrox Laser Marking System

With an increased emphasis on environmental protection and green manufacturing, sustainability has been in the forefront of both consumer and business minds for a number of years now.

As more and more businesses are looking for ways to “go green,” they are finding that not only can taking a more sustainable approach to manufacturing help the environment, but it can also help their bottom line.

From increasing energy efficiency to reducing waste, there are several things you can do to help make your business more sustainable. One of the best ways to do this is to invest in a TYKMA Electrox laser marking system and incorporate it into your processes.

How Laser Marking Systems Can Help with Sustainability

Manufacturers are constantly developing new ways to utilize laser marking in order to make their processes and facilities more efficient and sustainable. These can range from replacing existing marking technologies to reducing facility waste.

Below are just a few examples of what companies are currently doing to help make their facilities more sustainable with the help of laser marking technology.

Replacing Older Marking Technology

Marking directly on individual products has been part of manufacturing processes for decades. It helps with the tracking of individual parts and pieces, but can also be a requirement for some industries such as the medical device industry.

  • Since the marking of parts and products plays such an important role in a wide variety of industries, marking technologies were soon introduced to aid in part identification.
  • Some of these marking technologies, such as chemical etching, require the use of harmful chemicals that need special disposal methods to ensure protection for both employees and the environment.
  • With laser marking systems, you eliminate the need for harmful chemicals and streamline the marking process by simply installing the machine and getting started. This significantly lessens the environmental impact of your production and can help reduce your bottom line as you will no longer need to pay for additional disposal methods.

Reducing Packaging Waste

Throughout the last few years, manufacturers have explored new and innovative ways to package their products, which has included experimenting with the use of laser marking technologies.

Many companies have discovered that laser marking is not only great for part identification, but can also be used similarly as a form of packaging. Some key insights:

  • Just as easily as you mark parts with identification numbers and QR codes, you can also laser mark or etch logos and other information onto full products.
  • This is especially evident in a new trend known as natural branding, where companies are utilizing laser marking machines to mark their produce, such as potatoes, with logos and other branding information present.
  • Not only is this a unique way to package products, but it also eliminates packaging waste and can save you money over time by reducing your business’s costs associated with packaging and branding.

The environmental impact associated with natural branding is significantly reduced compared to traditional packaging, decreasing both the waste produced by discarded packaging as well as CO2 emissions.

How TYKMA Electrox Systems Differ from the Competition

While most laser marking systems offer you similar capabilities in terms of reducing packaging waste and eliminating the usage of harmful chemicals, there are still more environmental benefits to be had depending on the system you decide to purchase.

A TYKMA Electrox laser marking system, for example, offers a wide array of benefits that sets it apart from the competition. Let’s take a look at a few below.

Energy Efficiency

TYKMA Electrox’s laser marking systems are the most advanced fiber laser markers in the world. Our systems utilize the best materials and technology to provide a powerful and clean process for our customers.

With all that power and technology, you would think that our systems use large amounts of energy in order to run properly, but this isn’t the case.

Our laser marking systems are designed using low-power components in order to maximize energy efficiency and savings.

In reality, our laser marking machines are up to ten times more efficient than traditional YAG laser systems, and use little-to-no energy when in stand-by mode.

Long-Lasting Reliability

Not only did we design our systems with energy efficiency in mind, but we also built them to last.

Our laser marking systems offer the longest reliability on the market, with up to a 100,000-hour lifespan, and also come with a three-year warranty.

Plus, the air-cooled, solid state design is maintenance free, reducing the need for additional parts, which helps limit manufacturing waste and saves your business money in the long run.

Advanced Capabilities

Another advantage of our laser marking systems is the advanced capabilities our machines have.

With the ability to mark clearly and efficiently on a wide variety of surfaces and materials, our machines are able to solve some of the most difficult marking applications.

These capabilities can help reduce the number of irregularities when marking large quantities of parts and products and can reduce the amount of waste or cast-offs from the manufacturing process due to similar issues.

Learn More About TYKMA Electrox

Investing in a TYKMA Electrox laser marking system is the best thing you can do for your business and the environment.

To learn more about how our laser marking machines can help make your business more sustainable, contact us today!

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