Are You Reading These 18 Essential Laser Industry Magazines?

As a global manufacturing company with over 55 years of experience, the TYKMA Electrox team knows how important it is to keep up with current news within the laser industry.

One of the easiest ways to stay educated in the field, learn about emerging trends, and discover new prototypes and products is by reading and subscribing to essential industry magazines. We recommend the following list of free print and digital magazines to stay in the know within the laser industry.

Industrial Laser Solutions – With a focus on industrial laser material processing, Industrial Laser Solutions covers the latest in laser applications from around the world.

  • How to Subscribe: Sign up for their digital magazine or eNewsletter. Print options are available for Chinese and Japanese editions of magazine.

Laser Focus World – This print and online publication covers photonics technology on a global basis. Content includes everything from lasers to fiber-optics and instrumentation. Both digital and print subscriptions available.

FAB Shop Magazine Direct – FAB, short for fabrication, covers information in laser cutting, welding, press brakes and power tools. Written by veterans and reporters within the industry, this magazine is a worthwhile monthly addition to your email.

  • How to Subscribe: Their digital magazine is available via email.

Photonics – This website specializes in light-based technology. Its editors offer magazines for a variety of industries, locations and target audiences.

  • How to Subscribe: The following magazines can all be subscribed to online.

Photonics Spectra – A leading source for technological news and information geared towards photonics engineers, scientists and end users.

BioPhotonics – This online magazine focuses on how light-based technologies are used by life scientists.

EuroPhotonics – This publication highlights the latest news, trends and information for the industry within Europe.

Industrial Photonics – This magazine focuses on the latest information for the use of photonics within industrial manufacturing.

Vision Focus – Run by, this specialty magazine features an emphasis on imaging technology within the industry. Published monthly, the magazine showcases research, software applications and more.

  • How to Subscribe: Subscribe to Vision Focus, and read past issues from 2014-2016 online.

Shop Floor Lasers – Geared toward businesses in the laser industry, this monthly magazine offers information for marking executives on topics such as laser cutting, marking and welding technologies.

  • How to Subscribe: Receive a subscription to Shop Floor Lasers’ e-magazine on their website.

Modern Machine Shop – With an aim to enhance productivity and competitiveness for metalworking manufacturers, MMS has been publishing monthly issues since 1995 containing an array of information about metal trends within the industry.

  • How to Subscribe: Opt to receive their monthly publication by subscribing online.

Additive Manufacturing – This magazine specializes in manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing, with hopes that readers can use said technologies to create functional parts for their businesses.

  • How to Subscribe: Additive Manufacturing is available online in a quarterly format.

Production Machining – This magazine strives to help manufactures learn more information about the industry, thus allowing them to do their jobs faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost.

  • How to Subscribe: It’s easy to sign up and/or renew a subscription to this manufacturing magazine online.

MoldMaking Technology Magazine – This magazine offers monthly insights for improving the design and engineering of molds within the manufacturing industry.

  • How to Subscribe: Receive their publication 12 times a year by subscribing on their website.

CompositesWorld Magazine – This global magazine covers design, tooling and manufacturing technologies that relate to the fabrication of composites.

  • How to Subscribe: Opt into receiving this magazine via email every month by signing up online.

American Machinist Magazine – Easily receive the last product news and technology trends relating to manufacturers and job shop leaders.

  • How to Subscribe: Receive their updates on a daily, weekly, biweekly or bimonthly basis by signing up online on the right-hand portion of the site.

Plastics Technology Magazine – This magazine places an emphasis on laser marking within the plastics industry. Its articles focus on problem solving and improving the industry, timely news and information, and market opportunities for plastics manufacturers and markers.

  • How to SubscribeSign up to receive this plastics industry magazine online today.

Assembly Magazine – Manufacturing and design engineers and managers who focus on product assembly will enjoy this online publication. Assembly Magazine has been available since 2001, producing articles on manufacturing and laser marking technology.

  • How to Subscribe: This publication has both print and digital options for subscription, with an online signup

The Fabricator – Geared toward metal fabrication professionals, this publication offers marketing and product news as well as worthwhile industry articles.

  • How to Subscribe: View samples of the magazine or opt into its digital and/or print publications online

Stamping Journal – This magazine specializes in marking and stamping metals. A wide range of information is covered in each issue, including material handling and tool and die design.

  • How to Subscribe: Available in both digital and print, this magazine can be yours if you sign up online.

Fabricating and MetalWorking Magazine – This magazine offers the latest industrial technology news along with technical information that is deemed useful for industrial managers, operators, engineers and more.

  • How to Subscribe: Sign up online and choose from digital, print, and newsletter options.

IndustryWeek Magazine – IndustryWeek strives to advance the business of manufacturing by offering industry insights and tools to help leaders optimize their job performance.

  • How to Subscribe: This online signup form will allow you to subscribe to the magazine and its newsletters.

Easily Receive Industry Insights Online

TYKMA Electrox encourages our business partners, potential customers and anyone with an interest in the laser marking industry to subscribe to one or all 18 of these publications.

Each magazine can offer varying perspectives within the industry. Covering everything from technical information to business suggestions and product analysis, we believe that industry professionals can greatly benefit from browsing these publications.

And for even more industrial and laser marking insights, be sure to follow TYKMA Electrox’s very own blog!

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