How Are Lasers Being Used in the Defense Industry?

Current Applications for Lasers in the Defense Industry

Although the development of laser-enhanced aircrafts like those of a science fiction film are a possibility in the near future, there are many exciting ways that the defense sector is currently taking advantage of laser technology.

Here are just a few laser applications that are presently being used by the military, as reported by Science Clarified and Popular Mechanics:

  • Range Finders – Utilizing lasers can help the military calculate important details such as the distance of a specific target by measuring how long it takes for a small beam of light to reach the target.
  • Designating Bombs – By shining lasers at the target, the bomb is released at the precise location of the target. This type of bomb is better known as a “smart bomb,” in that it has unique sensors that can detect the laser.
  • Battle Simulation – Another successful application of lasers in the military is the use of light-laser guns on battlefields. Through this, soldiers are able to practice on the battlefield to get a better sense of the terrain for future use.
  • Communicating Underwater – Since submarines often patrol in enemy territory, lasers have been able to replace the use of radio communication underwater, which had a high risk of being picked up by enemy ships. With the development of this special light beam, underwater communication has become a lot safer and easier.
  • Finding Bombs in Vehicles – Lasers x-rays are found to be able to detect and uncover trace amounts of many radioactive elements such as uranium and plutonium, even when the materials are being shielded by thick steel.

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Up and Coming Laser Solutions: Landmines and Laser Weapons 

On top of the applications of lasers in the defense sector listed above, lasers have also been rumored to be soon helping the military in some brand new areas. Some key insights include:

  • Landmines have been used in war for many decades, and have become an effective tool during combat. However, since landmines last underground for so many years, numerous units are often left in areas that no longer are engaged in war.
  • Additionally, the possibility of laser guns and weaponry being used in the near future is now close to reality, due to developing technology. According to Lockheed Executives, the technology currently exists, but is going through testing and approval for use in real-life situations.

The Future of Lasers in the Defense Industry 

Lasers for Military Planes, Helicopters, and More

There are endless possibilities in how lasers can be applied to the defense sector. In addition to the article cited above, there have been many indicators that lasers will soon become a part of the military’s line of weaponry. Some examples of this include:

  • Since drones have become increasingly popular during the past few years, the Navy has indicated that they are looking to mount lasers on their Humvees to destroy any suspicious drones.
  • In a very interesting development, scientists have begun adding Star Wars sound effects to lasers so they can hear them. This is being done because lasers otherwise do not produce any sound, which can create difficulty and confusion for the laser’s operators.

Laser Marking Applications for the Defense Sector

There are many ways that laser marking systems are used on military firearms and other items in the defense industry. Here are a few ways that TYKMA Electrox uses laser marking for military applications:

  • Military marking applications
    • Missile housings
    • Optics
    • Flashlights
    • Explosives
    • Ordnance
    • Field gear
  • Serialization on firearms
    • Hard coated anodized marking
    • Clip tracking
    • Marking on upper receivers
    • Alignment marking on sun sights and scopes
    • Deep marking on lower receivers
    • Serial number engraving
    • Decorate barrel marking

Quality Military Laser Marking from TYKMA Electrox 

As a leading laser manufacturing company, we aim to provide the highest quality service in regards to our products for laser marking applications in the defense industry. From being able to create custom products to our versatility in materials and sizes, we do whatever it takes to be able to reach your desired outcome. A couple of reminders worth noting:

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  • We offer trained sales professionals that are proficient in a range of technical fields and make sure you fully understand our products with ease.

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