Laser Engraving Tools for All Industries

At TYKMA Electrox, we pride ourselves on offering laser systems that can mark all types of materials and substrates.

Some of the most diverse products that require markings are the various tools found in nearly every industry. Whether it’s for codes, serial numbers or logos, laser marking tools is vital to many companies, and TYKMA Electrox is the best choice for a reliable, powerful and precise laser system.

The Industries in Which We Work

Our laser markings can be found on a wide variety of tools, including:

  • Consumable carbide tooling
  • Cutting tools
  • Gun drills
  • Drills/reams
  • Punches
  • Hand tools
  • Power and electronic tools
  • Construction tools

But we aren’t limited to simply general purpose tools; we also mark surgical instruments, dental tools, aerospace tooling, downhole tooling for the oil and gas industry and more.

Offering the Precision Needed for Laser Marking Tools

Tools come in all shapes and sizes, and some, especially in the medical world, are very small and delicate. However, our MOPA (which stands for “Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) fiber laser engines utilize a technique called “pulse duration control,” which involves changing waveforms and allows an operator to better control the laser’s settings and capabilities for certain applications.

Some of the marking processes our systems can perform on tools include:

  • Burning/General Marking – a mark created by aggressively burning the surface of the material
  • Annealing/Black Surface Marking – created by applying a large amount of heat to the surface of the material while minimizing the aggressiveness of the mark
  • Ablating/Material Removal – created by removing the surface-coated layer of a material, such as burning the anodized layer off of aluminum
  • Foaming/Color Change – created by a controlled burn on the surface of plastic
  • Frosting/White Surface Marking – a mark created by frosting the surface of the material at high speeds
  • Deep Engraving/Material Removal – created by removing material to create a mark that has depth, giving the resulting mark an embossed look

Learn More About Our Capabilities for Laser Engraving Tools

Thanks to a variety of versatile machines that can work in any type of industry around the globe, combined with 24/7/365 support services, TYKMA Electrox gives your company an unparalleled laser marking experience.

We look forward to helping you find the right laser system for you. To learn more about laser marking tools and other applications, contact us today.

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