Premier Systems for Laser Marking Plastic

If you’re looking for high-quality, reliable systems for laser etching and laser marking plastic, TYKMA Electrox’s products are the answer.

But our systems aren’t just ideal for plastic laser etching, because they can also be used on surfaces like metal, carbide, anodized and painted materials, along with other substrates. So if you’re seeking out a robust, all-purpose marking and etching system, choose one from TYKMA Electrox.

Solutions for Laser Marking on Plastics

Plastics are ubiquitous in our culture, being found in millions of products in our homes, our cars and at our places of work. Because of their widespread use, companies have realized the great need for laser systems to mark and etch these plastics with serial numbers, barcodes, company logos and many other important symbols.

One important aspect to keep in mind when working with plastics is the different kind of ways a laser marking system can be used with the material. Let’s take a look at three key approaches:

  • Laser Marking – This approach utilizes a laser beam to interact with a material’s surface, creating a slightly changed appearance. Through a process of discoloration, oxidation under the surface of the material turns the surface black or dark gray while leaving the overall surface intact.
  • Laser Engraving – This approach features the removal of a portion of the material’s surface by the laser beam, allowing an exposed cavity to be formed. By utilizing a higher level of heat, the material to be removed is vaporized on contact. The marking of serial numbers and logos on surfaces often utilize this process.
  • Laser Etching – This approach, considered a subset of the laser engraving process, involves melting the given material under the laser beam, which in turn creates a raised mark. This ultimately changes the material’s reflectivity while making its contrast more enhanced.

For a more detailed, in-depth look at these various processes, be sure to check out our blog post discussing marking, engraving and etching differences.

Foaming and Color Change for Plastics

One particular form of laser marking on plastics is by way of what is called “foaming” or color change. During this type of laser marking, the plastic utilized is subjected to a controlled burn.

The end result of this procedure is a fairly smooth surface with minimal penetration of that surface. A tan, white or dark-colored mark is left upon the surface following the process, which all depends upon the type of plastic being utilized. During this form of laser marking for plastics, the control of the heat source is highly important.

Learn More About Our Systems for Laser Marking Plastic Parts

As you can see, our laser systems offer incredible versatility and flexibility, both in terms of material which can be marked and the ways the systems themselves can be utilized.

If you have products that require a system for laser etching plastics, make TYKMA Electrox your go-to laser marking supplier. To find out more about our advanced equipment, be sure to contact us today.

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