Answering Your Top Questions

At CMS Laser, we strive to provide customers with best-in-class laser systems for a wide range of applications, and we often get questions from companies about how they can best work with us to meet their needs. To provide better insight into our capabilities and the type of work we do, we put together a compilation of our most frequently-asked-questions (FAQs) on one easy-to-reference web page. Highlights of our Q&A page include:

  • The types of systems CMS Laser manufactures.
  • CMS’ approach to off-the-shelf laser systems.
  • The laser applications that CMS Laser both does and does not perform.
  • Lead times for projects.
  • The service and support customers can expect from CMS Laser.
  • The benefits machine vision and its associated software can provide for applications.

You’ll get details about these topics and answers to several more important questions. And after reading our FAQs, you’ll know why you should select an integrator like CMS Laser instead of other manufacturers. Still have questions? You can always contact CMS 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To view our new FAQ page, visit

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