TYKMA Electrox 2018: A Year in Review

2018 has been a huge year for not only TYKMA Electrox, but the laser engraving industry as a whole! From 3D laser marking to our new entry-level brand LaserGear to even lasers in space, 2018 has been a year worth of great new additions to the industry.

Keep on reading to get a better idea of the innovations we’ve brought to the field as well as other interesting things within the laser etching market.


Exciting Company Developments

We have had an exciting twelve months of pushing the laser engraving industry forward. Here are some of our personal accomplishments from this past year:

The Launch of LaserGear, Our Entry-Level Line of Laser Marking Systems

If you didn’t already know, we recently launched a brand-new line of laser engravers, LaserGear, made specifically for hobbyists and those new to laser marking and engraving.

The LaserGear line offers three efficient new laser marking systems as well as accessories and software. Head on over to our new website for LaserGear to get the details on our new products!

Color Laser Marking

Scientists and product engineers in Germany have recently teamed up to develop a new way to mark on bottle caps, with a pigment-sensitive laser! Using pigment powder and granules, they were able to expand the capabilities of lasers once again, helping our field to expand and advance.

And here at TYKMA Electrox, we’ve also been working with color laser marking in our own products. Get a glimpse of what color laser marking looks like by checking out this awesome demo video of a part being color laser marked:

Developments in 3D Laser Marking

As 3D integrations continue to be implemented within a variety of fields and industries, being able to mark in 3D instead of the standard 2D allows a variety of additional capabilities!

You can read all about it in this insightful blog post detailing all the benefits of choosing 3D laser marking over 2D and how our TYKMA Electrox products can help. And be sure to head over to our YouTube channel to see a range of 3D laser marking demonstrations and much more!

Introduction of Our New OEM, Integration Laser Marking System – Vereo™ Smart

Back in January, we announced the Vereo™ Smart, our game-changing laser marking system that allows you to control it from multiple devices. It’s also maintenance free and has plenty of impressive features and capabilities.


Amazing Trade Shows

Since we had many new exciting things to share in 2018, going to tradeshows was a notable part of the year. At these shows, we got to introduce our LaserGear line, 3D marking capabilities, and more. Here are the tradeshows we attended:

  • MDM East – June 2018
  • IMTS – September 2018
  • FABTECH – November 2018

And while we were on the road, we got to capture a short clip of a product demonstration we did at IMTS using the BOQX from our LaserGear line:

Be sure to check our social media pages to learn about which tradeshows we will be attending in 2019:

Interesting Industry News, Innovations, and Uprisings

Lasers and the Aerospace Field

As technology continues to advance, so does technology in space! Recently, there have been advancements in using lasers in outer space to not only help us understand our own planet, but also to get a better understanding of space itself.

We can only imagine that in 2019 and beyond there will be more uses of lasers in space and for the aerospace industry.

The Everyday Carry Trend

The EDC (everyday carry) has continued to be a growing trend over the past few years. And with the customization that laser engraving can add to gun slides, lower receivers, holsters and much more, it has become a very popular addition to the various industries that the laser etching market serves!

You can see a variety of cool photos and videos of laser marked fire arms by following our Instagram, @tykmalasermarking!

Increased Importance on Being Sustainable

One of the most memorable things that happened in 2018 was the plastic straw debate. For weeks, even months, many companies became the center of debate for enhancing their sustainability as a business.

So as many other companies followed suit, and so did we! In case you missed it, back in October we wrote this blog post encompassing how you can increase sustainability by upgrading to a TYKMA Electrox laser marking system. Check it out!

Laser Marking’s Rise in the Medical Industry

UDI traceability was a huge topic for the laser marking industry in 2018. As policies changed and advancements grew, being able to trace parts was at the forefront of the medical industry’s agenda.

And here at TYKMA Electrox, we are experts in supplying markings to comply with the FDA’s UDI marking standards, so you know you can rely on our range of products to help as policies continue to change for every field!

Fashion, Art, Design and Laser Engraving

Not only can lasers be used to mark product numbers and help manufacturing and various industrial fields, but they have also made their way into the creative arts!

From cardstock to shoes to purses, and so much more, laser etching has helped designers create new, unique and personalized products for customers.

Popular Blog Posts from TYKMA Electrox in 2018

We wrote a host of great articles this year covering a variety of subjects, but here are some of our favorites that you may have missed:

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