TYKMA Electrox to Attend IMTS 2018 in Chicago

It’s time again for another exciting International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago. September 10-15, companies and professionals throughout the industry will be in attendance to explore and share the latest in manufacturing and technology. Among the attendees will be TYKMA Electrox, and this year our booth will be bigger and better than ever!

There have been several changes and many innovations within our product line and the industry as a whole since we attended IMTS two years ago. Keep reading to catch up on what you may have missed since IMTS 2016, and what to expect at the new show.


What You Need to Know About TYKMA Electrox

TYKMA Electrox is an industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of the most advanced laser marking systems on the market. Each laser marking and engraving machine is built in our facility located in Chillicothe, Ohio.

We’re a regular attendee of IMTS, and we’re known for unveiling our newest innovations during our appearances. Here are a few newsworthy TYKMA Electrox developments you may have missed since the last show:

These are just a few of the great things we’re working on at TYKMA Electrox. To learn more, make sure you stop by Booth #236266 at IMTS 2018.

If you’d like to request more info before the show, feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

What to Expect at IMTS 2018

This is the 32nd edition of the technology show and it promises to be full of diverse attendees and exhibitors, making for plenty of learning and networking opportunities.

With more than one million square feet of exhibition space, there is so much to see and experience on a wide range of technical subjects within the industry.

These topics fall into several key categories:

  • Manufacturing Process Innovations
  • Alternative/Additive Manufacturing
  • Plant Operations
  • Quality/Inspection/Metrology
  • Systems Integration/Industry 4.0/IIoT

Additionally, there are several conferences that are co-located at IMTS that cover topics such as additives in manufacturing, data-driven business and more.

These other events include:

Like previous years, IMTS 2018 will be broken into pavilions to help you find what you’re looking for easily.

Abrasive Machining/Sawing/Finishing

This pavilion hosts the technologies focused for high tolerance and precision surface finish applications. The technologies featured range from grinding systems to polishing machines, and are essential to a wide variety of industries including the auto, aerospace and medical fields.

The Abrasive Machining/Sawing/Finishing pavilion can be found in the North Building on Level 3.

Additive Manufacturing

At this pavilion, you can explore the industrial applications of additive manufacturing, which enables layer-by-layer processes to create three-dimensional products.

You’ll find Additive Manufacturing in the West Building on Level 3.

Controls and CAD-CAM

Experience the latest software and custom automation at this pavilion, where every solution is designed to optimize your plant operations and cost efficiency. Attendees will learn how CAD-CAM and other digital-enabled tools are helping with Smart Manufacturing and how to integrate these tools into their own facilities.

To visit this pavilion, go to the East Building on Levels 2 and 3.


As a proven accurate technology for those in tool & die, EDM innovations are a staple for many in manufacturing. Learn about the latest in CNC wire EDM equipment, die sinking machines and much more.

Check out the East Building, Level 3 for this pavilion.

Gear Generation

Any sort of gear cutting, shaping and slotting machines can be found in the Gear Generation pavilion. While always important in auto, construction and mining sectors, gears are emerging as a vital solution for the alternative energy and wind power sectors.

You’ll find this pavilion in the North Building on Level 3.

Machine Components/Cleaning/Environmental

This pavilion consists of all the goods you need to keep your facility organized, safe and clean. From safety guards and storage systems to air purification solutions and degreasers, this pavilion has a little bit of everything.

Find it in the East Building on Level 2.

Metal Cutting

Find the latest innovations in cutting equipment, turning centers, drilling machines and more at this pavilion. As the core foundation of much of the tooling and manufacturing industries, a visit to the metal cutting pavilion is always a great way to stay up to date on the latest technological innovations and industry evolutions.

The Metal Cutting pavilion will be in the South Building on Level 3.

Quality Assurance

Keep your facility running smoothly and efficiently with the latest systems and processes found in the Quality Assurance pavilion. The machines and software you’ll find are designed to inspect your machinery and provide you with confidence in your company’s output.

Be sure to visit this pavilion in the East Building on Level 3.

Tooling and Workholding Systems

Tooling is essential to every industry, so be sure to check out the latest innovations at the Tooling and Workholding Systems pavilion. With equipment and goods ranging from coolants and oils to collets and vises, everything you need can be found here.

Learn more by visiting the West Building, Level 3.

Fabricating and Lasers

Last, but certainly no least, is the Fabricating and Lasers pavilion. Here you’ll find the latest in marking, welding and metal treating equipment. Included in this is laser marking, which can be a great way to brand and mark your products and parts to meet regulation requirements, track parts, or just differentiate your company from competitors.

To explore the latest innovations, visit the North Building, Level 3.

Better yet, this is also where you’ll find TYKMA Electrox! We’ll be at Booth #236266.

Talk with Us Before the Show!

Don’t want to wait until Chicago to talk to us? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer and questions you may have prior to IMTS 2018.

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