How One Company Is Changing How We Mark Clear Resins

Thanks to RTP Company, laser marking on clear resins is now easier than ever before.

RTP Company is a worldwide distributer and manufacturer of custom engineered thermoplastics. With their dedication to providing quality service and one-of-a-kind products for thermoplastic needs, they contribute to the growing demand of our laser marking systems. Let’s take a look at their recent innovations.

RTP Company Launches Laser-Markable Compounds

RTP Company has developed a new series of thermoplastic compounds that make for more efficient laser marking on clear resins. Thermoplastic compounds are a type of polymer that become moldable above a specified temperature and solidify when cooled.

Some key points to keep in mind about these compounds include:

  • The ability to process these materials with thermoplastic methods allows for design elasticity that alternatives, like some rubbers, are unable to offer.
  • Because of their elasticity, these compounds optimize laser marking which eliminates any need for paints, dyes, and inks. This convenience saves both time and money on processing costs.
  • RTP Company is able to compound additives into the clear resin that absorbs wavelengths of energy. Before, laser marking on clear resins was difficult due to light passing through the substrate.
  • With the new series of thermoplastic compounds, the creation of a high contrast mark can be made while the resin remains clear.

The Importance of Thermoplastic Clear Resins in Laser Marking

With the innovation of clear resins used for marking it makes our job more efficient. Permanent laser marking is our business and it is important that markings are robust and can withstand the lifetime test.

The company also offers laser-markable compounds in black, white, or a variety of custom colors to meet requirements. While the laser marking is easier and efficient with these compounds, they also provide durability and wear-resistant marks.

Lasers create laser marks by causing thermochemical reactions. These reactions can produce light or dark marks through carbonization of the compound. 

Laser-Markable Compounds for Medical Equipment

The thermoplastic compounds create an ideal clear resin that can be utilized for medical devices and equipment. Josh Blackmore, global healthcare manager at RTP, said these compounds are “incredibly useful for injection pens, drug pumps, and medical packaging applications.”

Medical device manufacturers are also benefiting from the use of these compounds, as having appropriate resins and additives helps to ensure a given device fulfills testing requirements.

“In some cases, our compounds can be formulated with biocompatible or FDA ingredients,” Blackmore stated.

Additionally, these compounds make it easier to assure that the selection of appropriate additives allows the device to pass required testing.

Laser-Markable Compounds Are Offering Exciting New Applications

Laser-markable compounds from RTP Company are offered in numerous resin and additive compounds. In addition, the resins can be colored, formulated, and customized for laser technologies like ours at TYKMA Electrox.

Working with materials like those from RTP Company is part of our dedication to providing cost-effective and high-quality solutions to your product indentation needs, and we’re glad to hear about the recent innovations.

To find out more about our services and versatile laser marking systems, reach out to our team today!

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